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The following forms the terms and conditions between you and RhubarbLondon LLP (“RhubarbLondon”) for the use of this website, rhubarblondon.com/rhubarblondon.co.uk (“Site”). These terms do not affect your statutory rights.


The site

The site is provided for informational purposes, to display RhubarbLondon’s original creations and explain its business and design philosophy.  It does not contain offers for sale.  For sales please contact our physical offices and representatives.


Your obligations

You agree that you use this website at your own risk and accept it 'as is'. You agree that you shall not hold RhubarbLondon or any of its employees or agents liable for any damage or loss however caused and whether due to RhubarbLondon's negligence or otherwise except as provided by statute.

In order to function properly this website uses cookies by default. Your continued use of this website may involve accepting cookies, which you may delete at any time.

You acknowledge that all portions of this website and their arrangement and all other material on this website, and the original furniture artworks depicted, are © RhubarbLondon LLP. If you make contributions or comments on public sections of the website (if any) you grant RhubarbLondon a royalty free, worldwide licence to reproduce, use and modify such contributions or comments in any way at its sole discretion.

You agree that you will only use this website for your own personal use and shall not copy or otherwise infringe the rights of RhubarbLondon or any third party nor use this website for any illegal or unauthorised activity.

You agree to accept liability for any loss suffered by RhubarbLondon as a result of any fraudulent or unauthorised action caused or initiated by you.

This website may contain links to sites operated by other people or companies. You accept that RhubarbLondon has no responsibility for the content such external website.


Information about our products

We will provide honest, clear and legal information and advertising about the products we have for sale. All such material meets the conditions of the British Codes of Advertising and Sales Promotion (which you can see at the Advertising Standards Authority website) and we will comply with any rulings given by the ASA on any complaints raised with them.

We will not advertise for sale any product that we do not genuinely believe to be available as advertised. If the availability date of a product changes we will show this change on our website promptly and, if practical, let you know if you have already placed an order for it.



We will not accept registrations on this site or to our mailing list from anyone we know or believe to be 13 years of age or less. If you are under 18 it is your responsibility to notify us so that we can treat your details appropriately.


Data protection, security and privacy

We are registered on the Data Protection Register at the address given below. On request we will promptly send you a copy of any details that we hold about you. A fee of £9.50 is charged to cover our administrative costs.

We will not send you advertising material if you do not want us to or send you e-mail if you have indicated you do not want us to. We have taken all reasonable steps to ensure that our website is secure and that all sensitive information transmitted through it is sent securely and held confidentially. Any third parties or agents that we may use to process this sensitive information on our behalf have also taken all reasonable security steps.



We may use cookies to help the operation of the website. Use of the website may require you to consent to accept cookies for the session.


Use of this site is subject to English law.


Complaints & solving disputes

We will deal with complaints confidentially, efficiently and promptly. We will acknowledge any complaint within ten working days. You can write directly to us on any matter concerning our products or service.

Our postal address is:
RhubarbLondon LLP
187A Gloucester Place